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Decorating Methods

Several factors come into play when deciding whether to screen print or embroider a garment. First among these is what you’re trying to accomplish. The construction company doesn’t need the expense of putting their workers in embroidered T-shirts, although the sales and office personnel could certainly utilize either polo or tailored, woven shirts embroidered with the company logo.

Garments with extremely rough surfaces, including some piques and all polar fleece, won’t clearly render a screen print design and should definitely be embroidered. While relatively inexpensive team jackets are often printed, the vast majority of outerwear is more often decorated with an embroidered design.

Screen Printing

Promotional Products, Custom Embroidery, Custom Screen Printing Originally an ancient art form, screen-printing came into its own as a promotional decorating method in the 1960s and has grown tremendously in popularity over the ensuing years. Modern technology has made it possible to reproduce almost any design—from simple one color designs up to six, seven or eight colors, or even process color images on apparel.

A mesh screen is chemically coated, exposed under high-intensity lights, treated to reveal the desired image, dried and put on either a manual or automatic press. One screen is required for each color in each position—i.e., red and black ink on the front and back of a shirt would require four screens. Your account executive, working with our in-house art department, can show you how to get multiple shades of a color out of just one screen.

The appropriate color ink is then forced through the exposed portion of the screen onto the garment, followed by any additional colors called for in the design. Garments are then removed from the press and run through a curing dryer to set the ink and make the design permanent. If a second position needs to be printed, the garments are returned to the press and the additional design is applied.

Because of the additional handling required, multiple positions are more costly than additional colors in the same position. When budget is a major consideration, limit the positions decorated.

One other consideration worth noting: some garments—notably T-shirts, sweats and lower priced golf shirts—are priced from the mills according to color range: white, heathers and colors. In addition, dark colored shirts may require an additional underbase color, which acts much like priming a wall to assure the desired ink color will not be affected by the garment color. Once again, your account executive will guide you through the process.

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The evolution of embroidery from a hand-craft to a computerized process has made this value-added decorating method affordable for just about everyone.

The embroidery process begins with digitizing, the act of “translating” a graphic design into stitches. There are three basic types of embroidery stitches. Satin or column stitches are the most commonly used. There is a limit both to the minimum and maximum width of these types of stitches. Extremely thin lines or letters can’t utilize the side-to-side sewing movement required of these stitches. Overly wide lines or blocks of color also limit the use of satin stitches because the thread begins to “hang down” like a roman shade.

Wider lines and blocks of color utilize a fill stitch, a pattern of smaller stitches which cover the desired area. This gives you the quality you want but does tend to increase the stitch count required by the design.

Finally, extremely thin lines are sewn using a running stitch, much like the ones used to baste a hem. These are not quality stitches and really should only be used to define one area from another.

Embroidery sewing charges are based on the number of stitches in a design since stitches equal machine time. The number of colors in an embroidery designs are not a cost factor.

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Promotional products

Promoting your corporate image is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy. Active Imprints offers a wide range of promotional products that may be tailored to fit the specific needs of your corporate marketing, incentive or gift program. Our promotional product lines consist of more than 750,000 items that can be customized for your program.

Our sourcing department uses state of the art research technology to search for unique products to fit your special promotion. This sourcing capability is regarded as the most technologically advanced and extensive sourcing system in the industry. From high-end branded corporate gifts to tradeshow giveaways and employee incentive items, Active Imprints can source and customize virtually any item imaginable.

Our professionals are eager to research and help to create a comprehensive promotional package to fit your needs. Combine custom accessories with our corporate apparel items to make a well-rounded marketing impact.

Promotional items can help enhance your corporate image in a variety of applications including:
  • Trade shows, meetings and conventions
  • Corporate marketing promotions and customer loyalty enhancement
  • Sales, service, safety and employee award/incentive programs
  • Promotional giveaways and premiums
  • Corporate and executive gifts

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Creating designs for both screen printing and embroidery is quite different than for printing on paper. In screen printing the color of the garment, called the substrate, affects the color of the ink applied. The weave of the garment also affects the final product.

As simple a task as taking a logo from a business card to use on a T-shirt requires a special skill to assure a quality result. Additional colors compound the skills required and four-color process, printing the likes of a photograph you’d see in a magazine, presents a truly unique challenge to the screen printing process.

Art being prepared for future embroidery requires a whole different set of skills. In addition to the design, the artist must also understand the different types of stitches available and how the fabric being sewn will affect the finished look.

Active Imprints has brought together the skills required to prepare creative, quality artwork that will give the desired results for the chosen process and the incredible range of garments and promotional products offered.

Active Imprints provides a variety of high quality promotional products, from custom screen printing to custom embroidery.  Our staff will work with you to help you decide which decorative method best fits the needs of your designs and items.   The surface of the garment, the qualities of the logo, and the purpose the apparel is trying to achieve are all taken into account in making you the best personalized product.   

If you’re looking for that perfect corporate gift, consider embroidered clothing.  Personnel can benefit from an embroidered shirt, increasing the company’s visibility while making them feel like part of a team.  Custom shirts are a popular choice among gifts both to individual employees or entire divisions.   The graphic artists at Active Imprints can work with you in T shirt design, offering professional advice and guidance.  They’re expertise in promotional graphics can benefit your advertising campaign. 

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Silkscreen printing is another option for high quality custom apparel.  Screen printed promo gifts offer endless opportunities to create customized products that are both unique and that present your company or personal interests.  You can have colorful promotional products that attract a lot of positive attention.

Active Imprints is a leader in the promotional products industry due to its commitment to proving distinctive, premiere quality products with the highest levels of customer service.  If you are not satisfied with your custom embroidery or custom screen printing, you can exchange your purchase for another product or a full refund.  We go the extra mile to ensure that your order is received on time.  Rush orders are also available, to help you get your custom apparel in time for that special event.  No matter what you’re looking for, Active Imprints have the stock, knowledge, and staff to meet your apparel needs.

From custom embroidery to custom screen printing, Active Imprints offers high quality promotional products at competitive prices.


Active Imprints is a Promotional Products and Corporate Gift Company. Our main offerings include: Personalized Shirts and Customized Bags for your personal and business gift needs.


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