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Welcome to the Integra Employee Company Store. Below you will find items to purchase for your own personal collection.

Per company policy, you may not give these items to healthcare professionals.  If you have any questions about gifts to healthcare professionals, please contact the Law Department.

SPECIAL NOTES: For each item you’d like to purchase, please make sure to select your location from the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS drop-down menu you’ll see just below the selections for Color, Size and Quantity.

For U.S. employees not based at an Integra site, please select “U.S. Non-Office Based” from the Special Instructions menu and input your shipping address information during the check-out process.

For employees in Asia, please select “Asia” from the Special Instructions menu and input your shipping address information during the check-out process.

Orders placed between October 15th through October 31st, Goods will be delivered the week of Novemebr 17th 2014.

In order to offer individualized custom branded Integra apparel at reduced costs we batch all online orders together on the 1st  and 16th of each month.

These orders are then custom ordered, decorated, then shipped, which requires an additional 2 weeks.  Please refer to dates above for estimated ship time. If your order is of an urgent nature or a MUST HAVE, a special order will be required and web site pricing is not valid. Please contact Steve Bove at 732.329.2613 ext. 16.


Orders are non-refundable please make sure to order the proper size!


* Delivery Date: Goods will Ship out Week of November 17th 2014.

      * Contact:  Bianca Banks at 609-936-6905 between the hours of 7:30 -4:00 weekedays or

        If you have a group purchase or special event please contact Steve Bove at 732-329-2613 ext 16 or


Regular Price: $25.00
Regular Price: $24.00
Regular Price: $45.00
Regular Price: $22.00
Regular Price: $29.50
Regular Price: $47.00
Regular Price: $31.75
Regular Price: $33.00
Regular Price: $62.00
Regular Price: $32.00
Regular Price: $15.00
Regular Price: $39.00
Regular Price: $40.50
Regular Price: $22.00
Regular Price: $30.00
Regular Price: $30.00
Regular Price: $31.75
Regular Price: $33.00
Regular Price: $36.00
Regular Price: $62.00
Regular Price: $21.00
Regular Price: $11.00
Regular Price: $13.00
Regular Price: $20.00
Regular Price: $24.00
Regular Price: $13.75

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