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Duane Watlington, CAS President/CEO

Duane started printing T-shirts in his Grandmother’s garage when he was 16 years old! Now, 30+ years later, that T-shirt business has grown into a multi-million dollar Branded Merchandise Agency! Using his street smarts, business education, and entrepreneurial spirit, Duane has assembled a team of trusted experts to serve the promotional and branding needs of our clients. As the CEO of Active Imprints, Duane uses his business expertise to lead the company with a long-term business strategy based on a foundation of controlled growth, with concierge level customer service. Even as Active continues to grow, Duane is still hands on, training and mentoring all new sales employees, passing on his expertise to the next generation. Under Duane’s leadership, Active Imprints has continued to grow both organically and though it’s Active Alliance Partnership Program. It’s through this program that Active Imprints is expanding both regionally and nationally by aligning with other successful Promotional Products Companies. Duane attributes Active’s continued success and ability to weather economic ups and downs to his trusted industry partners, diverse group of customers, and the incomparable staff that surrounds him.

Favorite food: Steak and Ice Cream…LOTS of Ice Cream! Chocolate Peanut Butter, I have a pint every night!

Vacation spot: I like to travel and LOVE Adventure Travel. I have hunted across North America, Africa, and Argentina, and have walked barefoot on many island beaches across the Caribbean. If I had to narrow it down, it would be Aruba for the beach, and Alaska for Adventure Travel.

Best Part of working at Active Imprints: I don’t view my position as “working at”, but rather “working on”. The best part for me is giving my team, and therefore my customers, the best advice, tools, products and knowledge to be the absolute best at what they can be.