Dave Garboski

Active Alliance Partner

Like my friend Duane (Watlington, Active Imprints’ CEO), I started printing T-shirts to earn money as a teenager. In my case, I was a sophomore in high school. My favorite part has always been designing and creating, and that soon became my lifelong pursuit. First, focusing on art classes in high school, then studying illustration at commercial art school. Taking someone’s idea and giving it life beyond what they ever imagined is most satisfying. For more than thirty years, since before adulthood, commercial art and design has been my primary source of income. For me, the design process never stops — regardless of the place or the circumstances, my mind is inevitably and incessantly asking, “Why was that chosen? What was the thought behind that? How could it be improved?” My experience in the production and design aspects of this industry rewards my clients. That experience enables suggesting efficient methods and successful products to reproduce their logo or other design. Like puzzles, solutions are found by weighing the cost of various techniques versus the final appearance and subsequent benefits they may provide.

Favorite food: It’s not possible to chose a favorite. A favorite pastime is trying something new; authentic food prepared by people who care about and enjoy their work as much as I do about mine.

Vacation spot: The best vacations have always been spent with the people I love most. Wherever they want to be, is where I want to be. Sharing their joy thrills me like nothing else. I’m an avid photographer, and beautiful subjects can be — and have been — found anywhere.

Best part of working at Active Imprints: The people I work with have integrity, and most of them are kind (the one apparent exception being Production Coordinator Steven Grennen). It took me a while to think of an answer; perhaps because I take it for granted. But, kindness and integrity are traits that should never be taken for granted.

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