Elizabeth Stephenson

Active Alliance Partner

Desperate to get into advertising, I wrote a cover letter the local advertising agency could not ignore. I was hired as a client services representative, taking advertising budgets and figuring out how to spend them to get the highest return on investment. For some reason, the call ins for promotional products always made their way to my desk and before long I was promoted to an account executive selling both magazine advertisements and promotional products. In time, I found myself doing more and more promotional products and discovered I had a knack for finding the right product for each event at which point a local screen printing company lured me in by offering to make me the head of their promotional products division and I took them up on it. For six years I worked with them, but I’m curious by nature and wanted to see what it was like to be the chief cook and bottle washer so I started my own company, Custom Stuff. After 16 years on my own, I discovered that while being the chief was interesting, it wasn’t my wheelhouse so I made the leap over to Active Imprints. I still run my own company, but now I have sounding boards, support and systems that allow me the time to do what I do best . . . work with my clients and help them find the right products for the right need.

Favorite hobbies: Learning new things during travel, Reading, trying to keep up with technology (Note, I said TRYING!) and “turning frowns upside down” either with stressed clients or that stranger scowling at the grocery store! Love the challenge and the fun of seeing a smile spread across the face of someone sad or angry! Favorite foods – Steak, pizza & chocolate

Vacation spot: So far, Antigua & Italy (Rome and north!)

Best part about working for Active Imprints: The people! Our people really go the distance to make your life easier!!! Seriously!!! Love. It.

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