Taylor Jacobs

Graphic Artist

Taylor has loved drawing and art for as long as she can remember. She decided to make it a career in High School when she took her first Graphic Design class. This particular form of art grabbed her because the idea of helping others bring their ideas to life seemed like the perfect fit. Taylor worked from high school up to studying the art of Graphic Design at Kean University. Now she gets to help create products, graphics and art for people every day.

Hobbies: Crocheting, Comic books, Music, and animation.

Fave food: Pizza, Shushi, and Candy! ^_^

Vacation spot: The beach or out in the woods. Nature is where I feels most inspired and at peace.

Favorite Movie: I am a horror movie junkie, my favorites are the SAW films hands down. They created a new look and feel for the whole genre and have inspired many personal projects.

Why AI?: Art/Design was something that came naturally to me and much as I loved it, I needed to find something that would help others. It may seem small but working here, I get to help others everyday get what they need and make their vison a reality. I adore helping others and when I get to see the logos and design I work on get printed on these promotional products, it always makes me smile to think someone is wearing or using what I create.

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