Violetta Nicpon, TAS

Account Manager

Violetta joined the Active Imprints team during the summer of 2011. During her first three years, she was an integral part of our success, working directly with Steve Bove, on some of our biggest projects. Her attention to detail, dedication to customer service and “never quit” work ethic landed her a promotion to Account Executive in 2014. She understands that every project is different, which is why she strives to understand the ultimate goal for each and every one of her clients. She approaches each project with a laser focused directive to achieve the greatest level of return possible. Violetta and her clients begin the process with concept development and take a proactive approach to generate ideas that combine strategy and creativity. Through her years of experience she is able to assist in creating brand awareness for product launches of all sizes, excelling by recognizing and presenting opportunities for bulk purchases, strategic planning and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Favorite hobbies: Traveling and wine tasting

Favorite foods: Chocolate covered strawberries :)

Vacation spot: Tropical beaches with clear blue water

Best part about working at Active Imprints: Active Imprints is a business built on strong characteristics where we are motivated to excel and work together. I am grateful and proud of the relationships I share with my customers, my associates, as well as our valued suppliers.

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