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If you thought presence at trade shows was all about possible leads and not about sales, think again! Of course, no one would go home earning a million dollars from a trade show. However, you still have to get some products in your customers' hands and of course manage a handful of hot leads that can be followed up on later.

In today's times, a trade show is no less than a stage where you showcase your brand in the best light. How you perform here could indeed make or break your brand image. And merchandise has a significant contribution to make here. Promotional gifts, when planned and chosen well, can actually help in building audience content, create product awareness and boost sales. And provided you have engaged a proficient event merchandise company, here are some of the decisions it will help you make.

Important Decisions Concerning Branded Merchandise

Your merchandizing partner can create an interesting portfolio of branded merchandise that can help in creating that coveted "buzz" most marketers crave. Remember, a customer who walks up to your stall at a trade show values in-person interactions and connect. And offering him something special is a great way to seal the relationship.

Do safety incentive programs work? The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives Foundation (SITE) has the answer. According to a study conducted by them, it was found that only about 8% of the workers (who took part in the survey) would be able to achieve their targets without such a program. Further, the study revealed that companies are able to achieve an increase of approximately 22% in worker efficiency with such a program.

It is not an easy task to implement and develop a successful incentive program. And, it needs a few elements to ensure optimal performance. That is why is it best to consider a professional company to help you design a safety incentive program that fits your needs, as well as ensures that rewards reach those who deserve them.

Incorporating Elements

Pooling in a variety of essential elements ensures that the program promotes safe behavior, hazard recognition and quality team work. Apart from that, it helps discourage fraudulent claims and preventable accidents.

  1. The program should be easy to administer. While the plan might be a good one, it should not fall short when executed. A user friendly program is essential for ease in supervision and administration.
  2. As the name suggests, a safely incentive program needs to have some provision for hazard communication. This will ensure that employees are vigilant and conscious about certain hazards. Apart from this, there needs to be an avenue to ensure that the employees can voice their opinions to improve the safety.
  3. Today, we hear a lot of news about some unscrupulous workers who would take advantage of the workers' compensation system. That is why it is essential to encourage employee accountability. Employees should not shun away from taking responsibility for their behavior.
  4. While most employees respond to tangible rewards, recognition is equally important from time to time. Acknowledgement of group as well as individual contribution is important.
  5. It is important that the safety incentive program follows a "daily" perspective. This ensures that the program stands the test of time and will not wear off after the initial days. This can be done by ensuring that the rewards and incentives increase for each day passed without an injury or accident.
  6. While the program needs to have certain rules, it must also be easy to understand. Complicated rules will not get the job done. It is a good idea to have the rules drafted and circulated among employees. This way, those with queries can come forward with their concerns.

Continuously update your business' facebook page
A business page on facebook is practically useless if you don't continue to update it. And don't post just about promotions and new offers, but also about any relevant personal things as well. 
For example, if your business is a band, don't just post upcoming shows. In fact, a photo of the band in their street clothes standing in front of the tour vehicle can often get more likes and comments than a live photo, and thusly get seen by more people. 
Or if your business is a small one run by one person or a small group, such as an Etsy store, feel free to post about your pets or family to generate more of a personal connection. Or if your business page is for yourself as an author, or for your books, posting about your favorite books and writers, and not just your own books, helps a lot as well.

Change your page's banner every few weeks to keep people interested.
Come up with a new banner for the page every few weeks, or at least every month. This keeps people looking at the page, and gets them interested. It can even be a slight alteration to an old picture, as long as it is a new one being posted and not just an old banner being reinstated.

Attach a photo to every facebook post.
Posts get seen by more people when a photo is attached. If you don't have a brand new relevant photo, a photo that has already been used is far better than not having a photo at all. Some of your page's followers may not have seen that same photo on your page yet. A photo gets more people to like the post, and thusly gets more people to see it. A post with just text, no matter how intriguing and thought-provoking the text is, is uninteresting in the eyes of facebook users whose feeds are filled with updates from both pages and people. 

Share the posts on your personal page.
Most businesses start off with friends and family as clients. Share your business page's posts on your personal page as well, to encourage any friends who have not liked your business page to start following it, or at least reply to the posts. Any exposure is good exposure, even to your friends and family. 

Interact with people.
There are two ways that any successful facebook page can interact with followers, and keep the interaction going. 
First, your posts should contain a question. Not only is facebook more likely to show each person more posts that have questions, but it gets a conversation started with anyone who answers the question. The more people who are encouraged to comment, the more additional people see the post. 
Second, anyone who comments should be met with a reply from you, the page. Not only does the fact that you reply generate a personal connection of some sort, but it encourages the followers to keep looking at your page.

Generate participation.
Hosting contests can get your followers involved in your page. Give away a free CD to whoever comes up with the best design for your next album cover, or leaves the best comment on your new music video. Give someone a free chiropractic session if they design the best new banner for your page. A free drink at your bar can be a prize for coming up with the best song suggestions for karaoke night. It can even be as simple as getting a sticker for answering trivia questions about your business.

Just as you have to tailor your resume to get a specific job, you should also tailor your merchandise branding to your target demographic. You will attract more customers when your merchandise branding addresses the specific needs of your target demographic. If you want to know more about this concept, here are a few ways that you can tailor your merchandise branding to your target demographic. 

1. Confirm Your Credibility

Your merchandise branding should confirm your credibility as a company. Your customers should be aware of what makes your firm unique and why they should trust your firm. Include information about how you've successfully helped other companies and how long you've been in business. Anything that will show that your company is trustworthy and delivers a quality product will confirm your credibility.

2. Deliver Your Message Clearly

Have a clear message. Be sure you can deliver your message clearly to the audience so that they can understand. When you can make your audience understand what you're selling and why, they are more apt to purchase it. When they are unclear of how your product or service will change their lives, they are less likely to make a purchase. Clearly explain your product or service and how it will benefit your customers. 

3. Use Local Internet Marketing and Social Media PR

Use local Internet marketing and social media PR to gain exposure for your business. Your business will thrive when more people are aware of your product or service and its benefits. Local Internet marketing narrows the scope and allows you to refine your targeted marketing techniques. It's always easier to market to a city rather than an entire nation. Social media PR will help you identify your target market and refine your product and service to entice people who follow your brand on social media. 

4. Study Your Market and Motivate Your Buyer

You should find out what compels your buyer to purchase your product or service. If they are motivated, they'll buy more and more products and services. If they are not motivated, they will review their options and delay their purchase as long as possible. Always motivate your buyer to sell more products or services. 

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the key to longevity in a business. The most successful businesses have the majority of their customers as repeat buyers. Marketing costs are significantly reduced when customer loyalty increases. Always offer promotional offers and discounts on items that interest your customers to increase customer loyalty. Social media is a great way to find out what they want. 

How to Tailor Your Merchandise Branding to Your Target Demographic

You can tailor your merchandise branding to your target demographic by studying your targeted market and determining what they like. Then, you can develop a strategy to increase customer loyalty and interest. The first step to any merchandise branding strategy is studying the target demographic and determining what is necessary to entice consumers. Once you know, it's easy to tailor your merchandise branding to your target demographic.

Employee recognition, which results in retailing the most efficient employees, can be seen as a transformative force that helps a business reach its strategic objectives. Retaining employees is, however, a daunting task, with stiffening competition for the employee pool in New Jersey. Total employment in the state jumped by 6,700 jobs in November 2014, according to data quoted in an article published by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development for New Jersey. In fact, this trend in evident from the number of people quitting their jobs - not just in NJ, but across the US. Quits, which were confined mostly to the private sector, surged to 2.6 million in 2014, according to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, how does one hang onto employees who make significant contributions to the value being offered by a company? Employee incentives can be considered to retain talented employees. Here are some trends:

Increase in Social Recognition

Companies are using innovative ways to appreciate the contribution of employees. While appreciation in the presence of peers does a lot for the morale, the intensity of the feel-good factor can be strengthened by recognition on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. These messages go out not only to colleagues but to family and friends, who then shower their praises, further boosting an employee's self esteem. Recognition apps on smartphones are becoming more popular, where appreciation can be sent to a group. In both these solutions, an image of the employee can be sent to attract more attention. Thus, employee recognition has become more effective and less time consuming.

Custom Gifts for Recognition

Rewarding employees with personalized gifts is a more tangible way to express recognition. It's important to remember that quality counts a lot here. If your employees see you opting for substandard products, they begin to believe you accept low quality. There is a growing trend of custom apparel being a part of employee incentive programs. This is because apparel is personal, yet can be highly professional, depending on the color, type of apparel (like collared t-shirts or sweatshirts) and quality of printing being chosen.

Qualities Being Recognized

While traditionally, employees have been recognized for their length of service and performance measured in quantitative terms, the trend has been changing to recognition for exhibiting the right set of values. This trend of companies designing programs to motivate specific behavior was noted in a report by WorldatWork published in 2013.

Did you know that the chances of being contacted by a client surges 100% with a corporate gift program? Yes, this was revealed by a survey of corporate gift givers and recipients, conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), and highlights how critical a corporate gift program can be to the survival and growth of a company.

Why Get Experts to Decide?

While corporate gifting can boost your business, the wrong gift can totally ruin your chances with a client. So, what are the things to consider? Firstly, you should be aware of the receiving company's policies regarding accepting gifts. Moreover, giving gifts during a bidding process can be perceived as 'bribing' and could result in your company being blacklisted on an ethical ground. Similar is the case of very lavish or expensive gifts. One benchmark to go by is to consider the amount the IRS lets companies deduct for business gifting. Since your gift can create the wrong impression, thereby sabotaging a valuable relationship, you can consider contacting experts who have years of experience.

What You Can Choose as Corporate Gifts

Custom Apparel

Get custom apparel that is made of high quality fabric and has your company's name and logo neatly imprinted. A company that has catered to leading clients can prove to be highly beneficial to your corporate gift program. If you are on a tight budget, consider 100% cotton t-shirts with a round neck. You could choose collared t-shirts in a solid color, for a more professional look. For something a little more stylish and classy, opt for knits or Polo t-shirts with a silk touch. For the most important clients, you could consider crewneck or hooded sweatshirts. Whatever the choice, custom apparel is sure to be noticed. In fact, you can use custom apparel for gifting your most valued employees as well. This not only makes them feel appreciated and motivates them, but also boost pride and loyalty.

Mugs and Drink-ware

The everyday utility of mugs and drink-ware makes them a great choice for corporate giveaways. They can be easily handed out at corporate events, marketing campaigns, trade shows and conferences. You can get mugs, cups, glassware, thermos, openers, tumblers, bottles and coasters at fairly low prices. Such items are highly versatile, serve as a practical option and are timeless.

There are several other choices, including clocks, calendars, diaries, pen sets, ties, photo frames, organizers and caps. Whatever the choice, do not compromise on the quality of artwork or printing.

Determining your brand's persona is not always a simple task, especially when you first begin launching a new brand or company. Understanding more about objectives and goals when reaching a specific audience is essential to help with learning about the persona your brand has for its users and potential customers or clients.

Consider Your Goals and Objectives

Consider the goals and objectives of your company when creating a new brand from the ground up. Do you want to appear charitable, humorous or corporate? Determining the type of view you want others to have of your company is a way to find the right voice and persona that best fits your brand altogether.

Understanding Your Demographic

Knowing the audience and demographic you want to reach is also essential to help in determining the right brand persona for your company. When you are aware of the audience you want to reach it is much easier to find the right voice that is personal and connects with those who are genuinely interested in your brand's products or services. Market research and using online analytic tools and systems can easily help to determine the demographic you are currently reaching and most likely to reach with the type of content, products or services you have to offer with your brand. The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to create a new voice that is not only authentic, but also relative to those you want to reach most with your company.

Expand Your Social Media Presence Online

Creating a social media presence online is another way to find the right persona for any brand or company. Joining social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Vine can help to find the right voice for the audience who is most drawn to your brand and what it represents. Utilizing social media is not only an effective method of determining the right persona for your brand, but it is also free to use and can easily be implemented with well-known CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla for blogs and content-based sites.

Have Fun With Your Brand

Having fun with your brand is also a must any time you want to truly remain authentic to your audience and demographic. The more passion and heart and soul you put into your brand, its advertisements and promotions, the more likely you are to receive positive and honest feedback from individuals who are following your company online. Whether you choose to use social media, newsletters or updates to your site to communicate with your audience, using an authentic voice and truly connecting with your readers should always be considered before hitting the "publish" button.

The more you know about your audience and specific demographic, the easier it becomes to communicate and to determine your overall brand's persona. Getting familiar with various marketing tools and considering your own objectives and goals is necessary any time you want to take a brand to the next level of success.

When working in advertising, it can be easy to go way off course and make some bad decisions. Making a bad decision can make a huge impact on a company, executive or individual. Here are six things that some probably get wrong with their advertising.

1. Taking Out Creativity
Ideas are the foundation of advertising, and it is great to have creative ideas thrive in a healthy environment. However, individuals or supervisors can easily shoot down unique and crazy ideas. What people forget is that some of the best advertising that was ever done was a result of a creative idea that seemed a bit different to others. 

2. Products, But No Purpose
A great product is a great product. However, people need to know why they should use it. Parents may never purchase an expensive brand of picture frames until they realize that these frames are designed not to crack or break if a child accidently knocks it to the ground. Advertising can be way off when advertisers forget to tell people why they should purchase a particular product. When they forget, the product may not ever sell well. 

3. Ready, Go, Set
Some ideas and layouts look fantastic. They can be put on the fast track and may look like a huge win for the company. However, the advertising does not work because appropriate testing was not done. Consumers did not understand the advertisement, and nobody took the time to see whether people would understand the ad. 

4. The Dice Does Not Win
Advertising takes time and hard work. Letting chance or the hope of good luck take over all projects is a recipe for disaster. While good fortune and being at the right time and right place can factor into the success of advertising, the foundation is always laid with determination, tons of work, rewrites and the commitment to excellence. Anything else can send a company to mediocrity. 

5. Everybody Loves the Minnesota Timberwolves
This, of course, is a dangerous and untrue statement. However, many people in advertising make assumptions about consumers that are not true. Every consumer has different likes and dislikes. How unfortunate it is when an individual or team decides that all people will really love a specific advertisement that is targeting a key demographic. They can be very wrong when they make an assumption without any real proof. 

6. It is the Weekend
There is a temptation for an individual, supervisor or even a business to declare that there is not need to learn more about a certain form of advertising or about a particular demographic. Instead, there is an attitude to treat all such things like the view of a teenager coming home from school on a Friday. The teenager believes that the weekend is for fun, rest and recreation. Doing homework is something that was done in the past. Technology and the feelings of people change, but doing homework on these and other things can keep advertisers staying effective and influential. 

The process of building a brand name and gaining recognition for your company helps create a distinctive and durable perception in the minds of your consumers. Your brand is the idea or image of your product or service that your consumer connects with, by identifying your logo, design, slogan or name. While good branding elevates your status and sets your products or services apart, it also gives your customers a strong reason to choose you over your competition. In short, branding helps build mutual understanding and trust with employees, customers and stakeholders. This is particularly important in markets like New Jersey, where the competitive landscape is challenging. Expert help from a branding company can prove to be highly effective in such cases.

Why You Need a Branding Company

Here is how a branding company can assist you in building your brand name.

An expert can help set your brand apart and boost your company's image. And you can reap the benefits for years.

The cornerstone of marketing your company is to create a consistent personality that customers come to know. Not only will this help the customers know what to expect, but a distinct personality will help you understand how your brand should act, too. There are three key components to shape in order to create your company persona. 

1. The Voice Crafting a voice for your brand is the first step to a unique company persona. This should be one of your initial steps as you plan your marketing, since nearly every subsequent aspect will be affected by it. First, consider what you want your brand to convey. Are there any stereotypes you should counteract? For example, toilet paper brand Charmin fights against the idea that their product is "gross" or "unmentionable" by having a hilarious brand voice that makes bathroom jokes in a tasteful manner. Your brand voice can help convey certain ideas about your product, but can also be an important marketing tool. Charmin's funny tweets -- which are written in their brand voice -- garner numerous favorites and retweets. 

2. The Visuals Along with the verbal component of your company persona, strong visual content can show customers exactly what the company likes and dislikes. Just like each person you know has a unique Instagram account, each company can craft the public's perception through intentionally choosing images. Consider what you want viewers to discern from looking at your company website and social media accounts. Adopting one style or theme will help you maintain consistency. For example, some brands will edit every picture with the same filter, or always edit images to have a slightly skewed white balance. Use these editing tools to craft cohesive visual imagery. Don't forget that your logo is also showing your company's personality, too. 

3. The Visceral Both the visual and verbal content that your company crafts will be a direct reflection of what the company values. Before you think about trying to craft words or pictures to represent the company's personality, sit down and think about the values that are central to the operation. Clarify what you're trying to portray, then move on to the actual content creation process. For example, when clothing store Gap launched the "#dressnormal" project, they enlisted well-known Instagram photographers with a large following to take pictures of people who were both stylish and simple. The store started with a value then moved into a concrete representation of that ideal through visual content. 

Once you've crafted your company persona, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to begin consistently creating content that reflects it. Just like a good friend, you'll get to know the company's likes and dislikes. Remember, good friendships take time.

From sports gear to makeup, branding emerged in the early 21st century as a way for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. As the industrial revolution burgeoned, so did audiences and customers. 

Branding makes a company recognizable to customers, sticking in their mind like peanut butter when the time to make a purchase arrives. The advertising explosion in the last 100 years has drawn in brilliant minds and the creative class. Here are the top eight marketing slogans that have been developed in the 21st century. 

Just Do It Famous basketball player Michael Jordan helped popularize this slogan for Nike in the '90s. First introduced in 1988, "Just Do It" helped the company to reverse their decline from the top-grossing shoe brand in the US. The company was careful to make the slogan broad enough to appeal to many audiences. Along with Jordan, Nike ran other ads with Charles Barkley, who claimed that he shouldn't be a role model just because he played basketball. This gave the campaign the ring of authenticity. 

Save Money. Live Better. This Walmart campaign sums up what the store offers: the American dream, at a discount. As both a promise and instructions, the slogan sticks in the customer's mind. 

The Happiest Place on Earth You instantly know what this place is -- Disneyland. From the original Disneyland California to the new Shanghai location, this ad campaign works across cultures and values by appealing to one common human desire: happiness. 

Open Happiness Another slogan with a strong emotional appeal is Cocoa Cola's promise that you will "open happiness" by picking up a coke. The slogan changed in 2009 from "The Coke Side of Life" in order to translate better into foreign languages, as the company sought to expand sales overseas. In an interview with The New Yorker, senior vice-president Wendy Clark said that since happiness is a universal concept, it makes sense to people from all backgrounds. 

Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is! Let's be real -- you probably just sang that line in your head, or hummed it out loud. Alka Seltzer's catchy song has worked for decades as a brilliant slogan that immediately comes to mind when you have a cold. 

Think Different This iconic slogan from the nineties summed up everything the Apple brand embodied. By comparing themselves to the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandi, Amelia Earhart and Muhammed Ali in a commercial, the slogan both inspired the audience and placed Apple as the next heir in the line of great, rebellious thinkers throughout history. 

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline. By adding a touch of subtlety and mystery, this slogan appeals to woman's desire for natural beauty. 

Great slogans stick in the consumer's head for days, months and years, acting in a way as marketing's secret weapon.

“Brands are what people say about you when you're not in the room,” says John Battelle, Executive Chairman of Federated Media Publishing.

What a brand is has not changed since the advent of the Internet. A brand was, and remains, a monetized value statement. However, how to develop brand equity and loyalty has shifted as swiftly and ruthlessly as a rattlesnake. Make one wrong step, and no second chance waits.

Create an instant experience. People suffer from decision fatigue. They hate making brand decisions, so they make them almost instantly. Marketing guru Martin Lindstrom says that the average shopper makes a decision about a supermarket product in four seconds. More than half of visitors leave a website within 15 seconds. Marketing in the digital age, therefore, requires much more than a logo. It requires accessible experiences that invite customers as participants, not audiences. Adam Samer, researcher at the analyst firm Gartner, says, “Successful campaign management strategies have shifted from interruptive push toward two-way conversations and addressing mutually beneficial approaches to customers’ wants and needs, which a digital marketing approach can provide.”

Be easy to understand. What made Amazon so popular? Its navigable website. Being simple, being navigable, is essential in an age of befuddling operating systems and web design trends. As Bezos, Amazon founder, recommends, speak in Simple English.

Move from monologue to dialogue. Old-time marketing was monologuing: direct mail letters, television commercials, radio announcements, billboard advertisements, etc. No longer. YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and other social media sites have put every advertisement on the table for diagnosis and discussion. Marketers need to monitor community discussion boards and address negative feedback. 

Go beyond the MBA. Knowledge of fancy path-to-purchase charts will not offset a lack of knowledge in computer skills and industry finances. Brands are built using PHP and sold on the NYSE. New age marketing must be data-driven, motivated by metrics and not by “tried-and-true” sales pitches. For instance, mobile marketing jumped 138 percent between 2009 and 2010. Therefore, anyone interested in marketing to the Millennial Generation cannot afford to do without a mobile app or web presence.

No more one-size-fits-all messages. Demographics rules marketing with an iron fist. Families no longer gather ‘round the tube to watch The Waltons. The man watches ESPN and reads Forbes; the son plays Facebook and reads Wired; the woman shops online and their grandparents watches five hours of television a day. Digital messages must be tailored to their audiences.

Be exciting. Everyone ignores a salesy street dealer but notices a laughing toddler. Joy, adrenaline, humor – these emotions have power. Consider “The Fun Project,” an initiative by Volkswagen to spur interest in its clean-diesel technology. Contestants submit ideas on how to make mundane tasks fun, like a stairway wired to sound like a keyboard and a trash can engineered to resemble an endless pit. The promise of fun can change behavior and sell products. Just ask The North Face or Chuck E. Cheese. 

But perhaps what counts most in the digital age is the same that always mattered most: vision.

Corporate gifts to employees and clients are an important part of any professional relationship. From boosting your brand value and strengthening bonds to promoting overall sales, the right personalized gift has the power to make a lasting impression.

Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

Many corporate gifts find a place in some remote corner of the office or are stashed away in some drawer. Therefore, it is important to pick gifts that people would be happy to receive and would associate your brand with. Here are some things that you may consider in making a choice:

The role of corporate gifting cannot be underestimated since it can cement long lasting relationships with clients and employees.

A brand is the perception that a customer has of a company. It can range from a feel-good factor about the company and its policies or culture to the perception of quality associated with the company's products or services. Brand merchandising boosts the brand equity of a company and its offerings by making the company logo more visible and, in many ways, closer to the customer. For instance, although most people cannot afford a Ferrari, they feel "connected" to the brand through the various jackets, t-shirts and souvenirs that are commonly available with the distinct logo of this automobile company.

Benefits of Branded Merchandising

Brand merchandising is a great way for both young and experienced companies to make their logos seen, gain recognition and boost their overall sales in the long term. Here are a few benefits of this form of marketing your brand:

While gifts are great, it is human nature to associate a lower value to free things than when we actually spend money on them! Thus, it is critical to invest into items that stand out as being of high quality. It is best to contact reliable branded merchandise suppliers who are capable of providing creative and professional inputs to enhance the value of your corporate gifts.

What are the ingredients to a captivating brand logo? It might just depend on who you ask, however we think you could do a lot worse than to check out our below process which has been prepared to get you started on your path to a beautiful, new company logo.

Choose Your Script

You need to choose a font that is going to make the name of your business look great. Choosing the right font is more important than anything. You will recall times when companies changed the font of their logo and the customers erupted with disdain. You want to get the font that makes your company look trustworthy.

Choose Your Colors

The colors of your business need to be chosen based on the universal numbering system. You want to make sure the colors for your business can be found with a universal color code. You can share this color code with any designer who is working on your loan, and you need to make sure that your colors look good together.

Choose The Background

The background of your logo needs to match the script and colors of your logo. You can think of many logos that have a definite background. However, you need to make sure that you are using a background that will hold in your logo. When the logo is held in well, the logo will look cleaner. Also, you need to make sure that you are using the proper shapes for your business. That shape could become a calling card for your business.

Find A Designer

You need to make sure that you are working with a designer who can help you. The designer knows how to take the components you have chosen above to make your logo look perfect.

Do Not Be Afraid To Change

You can sharpen your logo easily if you are trying to make your business look fresh. Small changes are helpful when your logo becomes a sharper version of the original. A designer can help you make these changes, and they can help you make changes that will intrigue all your customers.

Get On It Today

You cannot have an effective logo for your business if you wait to produce the logo. You need to make sure that you are working today to create a logo that is going to make your business look good. When you take the five steps above, number six is simple. You can create many draft logos until you find the one that works best for you.

If you are going through the effort and expense to rebrand your company, you want to ensure that it is time well-spent. How to know if your re-branding strategies are smart? Take a look at these tips and see how your plans compare.

Your re-branding is multi-faceted. A new logo and marketing plan does not equal a re-branding. Strip your company down to its essence and determine what stays and what goes. Vision, goals and voice are all on the table during re-branding. Re-branding should be an uncomfortable process, if everything goes smoothly and there is no resistance, you aren't making the big changes a successful re-branding requires.

Everyone is involved. Re-branding is not the time to be hands-off. It doesn't make sense for everyone to pitch ideas and thoughts about every decision, but it is important to keep executive level employees in the loop. If they feel shut out of the process it will be a challenge to have their support during the re-branding. It is also valuable to involve outside help in the re-brand. Have an outside company look at your marketing, goals, target customers and mission statement to bring a fresh and objective view to your company.

Your purpose, mission and goals are sharply defined. Putting these statements down on paper should be a way to crystallize your goals for the company. Too often, however, what happens is that more and more extraneous information is included. When this happens, your purpose and goals lose focus behind industry buzzwords.

Your new brand should be different and exciting. In order to sell the re-brand, your employees must buy into it, and that will only happen if the new brand is unique enough to be worth the re-branding effort. If your employees feel that it only a matter of change for the sake of change, they cannot be expected to feel excited about it. They must understand the benefits to them, such as the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, interesting new projects, or added financial incentives.

Know how you'll measure success. It is important to have a yardstick you'll use to measure the success of your re-branding before you re-launch. A combination of measurements, such as sales data and customer surveys, give you a well rounded look at your success. Judging your re-branding success on only one measurement can give an inaccurate view. Change is difficult, and even the most successful re-branding efforts may take a few months to show results in the profits department.

There are several unique ways to market products which can increase the brand identity for your company. Finding the right format can product can be challenging but does not need to be overwhelming. Choosing to market on a coffee mug is a great way to connect with a diverse group of people. Virtually every individual in the workplace will have some type of coffee mug they are drinking from throughout the day. If the design on the mug is engaging people will be more likely to ask questions about the company. The company logo can also be placed on the mug with a clever saying which will also inspire conversation. Choosing the right color and font size can be challenging for people who are trying to identify the most eye catching design.

Choosing to have a logo on the bumper sticker can be a great way to connect with audiences which are global in nature. These easy to produce an affordable options are fabulous for companies that are trying to get the word out about any social cause while marketing their product or service. The availability of producing a large number of bumper stickers while staying within the advertising budget is also advantageous for companies that are looking for a way to reach a lot of people without investing a significant amount of money. Having any unique logo as well as a inspiring quote on a bumper sticker can help to increase brand awareness.

T shirts are another common enough affordable marketing strategy for companies that are trying to make more of a direct statement. Having them produced in large quantities is easy to do when working with a local print shop. Having multiple designs can also be a way to catch the eye of several different types of perspective customers. This is advantageous for individuals who are trying to connect with multiple demographics with a high quality merchandise product which will not take a great deal of investment. Having multiple sizes of shirts can also help to spread the word about a product or service quickly.

Having a company logo on pens or stationary is often a great marketing technique. Offering a potential client and can be a great way to promote the brand without having to oversell the product or service. Every time a person uses the writing tool they will be thinking of the company. Having multiple types of pens and stationary available also creates the opportunity to catch the eye of any prospective clients who may want to take the initiative to use the pen in the future. The most important part of having marketable merchandise is making sure that his high quality while still being affordable to produce large quantities. Having several types of merchandise available also gives the impression to perspective clients that an organization is willing to invest in giving something to the client in order to build a relationship properly. Being memorable is an important part of building successful relationships in business.

Without customers, no business can flourish. However, every business needs to occasionally show appreciation for their customers or clients. When a customer knows that they are appreciated, they are more inclined to show that appreciation by recommending your business to others. One of the most opportune times to do this is during the Christmas season. As such, here are six ways to show customer gratitude this holiday:

1. Send Out Gift Cards

Do not just send the gift card alone. Try placing it in a nicely wrapped miniature package and including a sincere personal message. People usually know if you are being sincere or not. Instead of a gift card, you may wish to send a certificate. Either way, make sure that your customers receive discounts off of a future purchases.

2. Give Out Product Samples

Most customers love to receive product samples every now and then. This Christmas, give customers the opportunity to try out new products before or after they are released. This will also give you an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from them. If you cannot afford to give out samples, simply offer a discount instead.

3. Create Promotional Products

Having unique promotional products created especially for your customers is an excellent way to show how much you appreciate their business. These items could be anything from key chains to coffee mugs to t-shirts or just about anything in between. Practical gifts are best, and you can send out hundreds of key chains at a reasonable price. Customers feel important whenever they use personalized items.

4. Deliver Party Invitations

Almost everyone loves going to a good Christmas party. It is a good opportunity to get reconnected and intermingle among clients. Allow them to drink champagne and dine on Christmas style goodies. When they feel more relaxed around you, they become better clients.

5. Send Gift Baskets

For less than $30, you can mail or hand deliver a gift basket to a few special recipients. Buy one that contains cookies, fruit or any other gift that will be duly appreciated. Most people don’t mind receiving food or other such goodies during the holiday season.

6. Offer a Raffle Ticket

Have you ever considered offering a raffle ticket to clients? Offering your customers the opportunity to win prizes such as cars, TVs or even cash is a fun way to encourage rapport among your customer base. While they may not all win prizes, they will certainly enjoy anticipating the contest. This option is the perfect way to raise money and encourage customer participation, and is very affordable.

Presenting corporate gifts to customers who have shown their devotion over the years is not only an excellent way to keep relations moving forward, but might also help to protect the operations of your business. There are endless gift ideas for Christmas and most every other holiday on the calendar, it is just a matter of choosing those which will best resonate with your customers.

Choosing Items with a Clear Objective: Your merchandise partner, albeit a proficient one, should be able to help you choose your giveaways with a clear objective in mind. You can have something that's unusual yet thoughtful that builds customer loyalty. For instance, if you are a computer manufacturing company, giving away a cleaning cloth especially meant for computer systems, with a logo done up in your brand color, could be a good choice. You could opt for organic and eco-friendly tote bags that could not only prove very useful for the recipient but also positions your company as one that cares about the environment. This sort of effort successfully builds brand connect.

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The key to the success of any business is creating brand awareness and recall. How else do you make your company stand apart from the competition? A visual way to achieve this is to opt for professional imprinting services from a provider that specializes in customizing various types of products with your company's name, logo, tagline or anything else you might want to build your brand image. From displays at the next trade shows to customized apparel that you can give away, there are several ways to showcase your business. If you get professional imprinting services, you can even get customized company apparel for all your employees so that you brand or product are easily visible. You can even contact such a company and use their customized products as part of an employee incentive program and keep them in good spirits. Here are a few things items that every company can consider taking advantage of.

Custom Apparel

Probably the best way to increase brand visibility is to make your employees dress in custom company apparel during major events. There are several options for both men and women of all ages. At a trade show, you can get polo t-shirts or knits for your staff in various styles and designs, including mock turtleneck, silk finish, specialty knits, cotton, performance or basic fashion knits. You can have the name of your company on the left chest pocket of the polo t-shirt. You can even opt for custom jackets and sweaters for the colder season. Another option is to get your staff a hat with the company name since it can easily catch people's attention.


Professional imprinting services can also help you customize an extensive range of bags for various occasions. You could gift your top employees a personalized briefcase or laptop bag with the logo or your company emblem. Such a gift will not only be useful for the employee, it will create a sense of belongingness towards your company in his/her mind. Moreover, on their way to and from work each day, the bag will be visible to people passing by and can easily make your brand a familiar sight and increase its reach.

Computer Accessories

Another thing companies can do is to give away various customized computer accessories at a trade show. You can get USB cables and OTG wires with the company logo and gift it to clients who opt to do business with you. You can even add USB hubs and storage devices, such as a pen drive, since they are great utility products. A wireless mouse and a personalized mouse pad is also something worth considering.

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