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In-House Services

Here's the hard truth about our industry, and us.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "Do you do the work in-house"? The answer to that question is yes, and no…

With over 500,000 products available for imprinting, and a couple of dozen different imprinting techniques, it is next to impossible for any company to offer all these products and services under one roof. We started pulling ink (screen printing) over 30 years ago and have been offering in house embroidery since 1990! We maintain an in-house graphics art department to assure that your designs are always correct. Each and every job is unique and therefore some will be completed from start to finish in-house while others will be produced in part, or in whole, by one of our network partners.

The bottom line is, when you work with Active Imprints, we make it priority #1 to take care of your needs from start to finish, under one roof whenever possible.

Our in-house Services include:

Screen Printing
Graphic Design
Promotional Campaign Development
Branded Merchandise Recommendations
And so much more!

One of our primary competitive advantages is our in-house graphic design team. This allows us the freedom to work with you, producing high quality digital artwork that doesn't go through several layers of communication. In fact, if needed, you can communicate directly with the artist (an outsourcer won't let you do this, for fear of losing control of their middleman status – for us, it's a walk down the hall).

If there is ever a case where we have to step outside our own walls, you can feel 100% confident in our partners, who have been vetted over decades of working together. For
example, screen printing and embroidery are popular printing options, but certainly not the only ones. If you would prefer a different method, we'll make it happen, with the exact same quality you'd get if we did it ourselves. And that's an ironclad guarantee.

Put our in-house team to the test. We won't disappoint

Screen printing and embroidery are popular printing options, but certainly not the only ones. If you would prefer a different method, just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll always do our best to make it happen. No matter who we partner with, our commitment to excellence remains unchanged.

It’s time that your brand’s mission is executed to perfection, and our in-house team is here to make this happen.

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