Who we are

A different kind of branded merchandise agency.


What do a tie, a skateboard, and answering the phone in person have in common? Nothing really, but you’ll find all three here at Active Imprints.

Our company culture is perfectly suited for the work you engage us to do. We’re professional, creative, enthusiastic, and we love the specialty imprinting / branded merchandise industry. We also have a decidedly team atmosphere here – nobody ever says “that’s not my job”. Go ahead, contact us and put us to the test. If you’re not impressed by our customer service, then we don’t deserve your business.

We’re also equally comfortable at the company BBQ as we are the boardroom. If a client requires a stately corporate award that embodies elegance and class, we’re on it, cufflinks and all. And if the same company needs a slightly-off-color imprinted gag gift for a particular client, we’ve got the creative acumen and that ideal slice of fun you’re looking for.

In the end, we realize it’s relationships that make a successful company. And that works two ways – we have exceptional relationships with both our clients and our suppliers (this benefits clients, because when they engage us, the most reliable suppliers come along for the ride.)

Tell us what you need. We promise not to disappoint.

To work this well together, all team members have to get along and buy into the same vision: customer first.

That’s why everyone is carefully chosen to be part of the Active Imprints family. We cover for each other and go above and beyond our job descriptions to complete projects and work efficiently. The days go by fast because we are always working, but we never leave without a smile on our face. Our team-orientated and collaborative approach is what makes our clients’ visions come to life day after day.

Lets give your swag some swagger

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