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Stateside Supplier Network.

When you engage Active Imprints to handle your apparel and specialty / promotional item imprinting, you're not just hiring a company with 30+ years of satisfying customers. You're also hiring our robust supplier network.

And this matters immensely. Let us tell you why:

There are literally thousands of companies producing the items we imprint and personalize. We've probably had at least a conversation with most of them at one time or another, and we've eliminated 99% from consideration. Why? Because they simply didn't measure up. And today, after thirty years, it's hard – really hard – to break into our little group of trusted suppliers. When you hire us, you are assured of the best products, with no excuses.

This is because we've formed a strong rapport with a handful of reliable, reputable, and affordable suppliers who share our uncompromising work ethic. This allows us to deliver outstanding quality to you. Also, by using fewer suppliers, we have the luxury of strong, long-term relationships, which ultimately benefits you with lower prices and faster service.

We know you are careful in choosing a company for your branded merchandise, which is why we are careful in choosing the people we work with as well. Quality over quantity has never been more accurate.

Give us a call. Let us satisfy your apparel and specialty / promotional item needs.

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