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Decisions that an Event Merchandising Company can Help you Make

If you thought presence at trade shows was all about possible leads and not about sales, think again! Of course, no one would go home earning a million dollars from a trade show. However, you still have to get some products in your customers' hands and of course manage a handful of hot leads that […]

Essential Elements for Effective Safety Incentive Programs

Do safety incentive programs work? The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives Foundation (SITE) has the answer. According to a study conducted by them, it was found that only about 8% of the workers (who took part in the survey) would be able to achieve their targets without such a program. Further, the study revealed […]

Six Successful Facebook Marketing Tactics

Continuously update your business' facebook pageA business page on facebook is practically useless if you don't continue to update it. And don't post just about promotions and new offers, but also about any relevant personal things as well. For example, if your business is a band, don't just post upcoming shows. In fact, a photo of […]

How to Tailor Your Merchandise Branding to Your Target Demographic

Just as you have to tailor your resume to get a specific job, you should also tailor your merchandise branding to your target demographic. You will attract more customers when your merchandise branding addresses the specific needs of your target demographic. If you want to know more about this concept, here are a few ways […]

Trends in Employee Incentive Programs in New Jersey

Employee recognition, which results in retailing the most efficient employees, can be seen as a transformative force that helps a business reach its strategic objectives. Retaining employees is, however, a daunting task, with stiffening competition for the employee pool in New Jersey. Total employment in the state jumped by 6,700 jobs in November 2014, according […]

Top Corporate Favors to Give at a Corporate Gift Program

Did you know that the chances of being contacted by a client surges 100% with a corporate gift program? Yes, this was revealed by a survey of corporate gift givers and recipients, conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), and highlights how critical a corporate gift program can be to the survival and growth of […]

How to Determine Your Brand's Persona

Determining your brand's persona is not always a simple task, especially when you first begin launching a new brand or company. Understanding more about objectives and goals when reaching a specific audience is essential to help with learning about the persona your brand has for its users and potential customers or clients. Consider Your Goals […]

Six Things You’re Probably Getting Wrong With Your Advertising

When working in advertising, it can be easy to go way off course and make some bad decisions. Making a bad decision can make a huge impact on a company, executive or individual. Here are six things that some probably get wrong with their advertising. 1. Taking Out CreativityIdeas are the foundation of advertising, and […]

How a Branding Company Can Help Boost Your Brand Name

The process of building a brand name and gaining recognition for your company helps create a distinctive and durable perception in the minds of your consumers. Your brand is the idea or image of your product or service that your consumer connects with, by identifying your logo, design, slogan or name. While good branding elevates […]

Creating an Image: How to Create Your Company Persona

The cornerstone of marketing your company is to create a consistent personality that customers come to know. Not only will this help the customers know what to expect, but a distinct personality will help you understand how your brand should act, too. There are three key components to shape in order to create your company […]

Eight Most Successful Marketing Slogans of the 21st Century

From sports gear to makeup, branding emerged in the early 21st century as a way for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. As the industrial revolution burgeoned, so did audiences and customers.  Branding makes a company recognizable to customers, sticking in their mind like peanut butter when the time to make a purchase arrives. […]

How the Digital Age is Changing Branded Marketing

“Brands are what people say about you when you're not in the room,” says John Battelle, Executive Chairman of Federated Media Publishing. What a brand is has not changed since the advent of the Internet. A brand was, and remains, a monetized value statement. However, how to develop brand equity and loyalty has shifted as swiftly and ruthlessly […]

Corporate Gifts that Have a Great Impact

Corporate gifts to employees and clients are an important part of any professional relationship. From boosting your brand value and strengthening bonds to promoting overall sales, the right personalized gift has the power to make a lasting impression. Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift Many corporate gifts find a place in some remote corner of the […]

The Impact of Branded Merchandising on Business

A brand is the perception that a customer has of a company. It can range from a feel-good factor about the company and its policies or culture to the perception of quality associated with the company's products or services. Brand merchandising boosts the brand equity of a company and its offerings by making the company […]

How To Design A Company Logo In Six Steps

What are the ingredients to a captivating brand logo? It might just depend on who you ask, however we think you could do a lot worse than to check out our below process which has been prepared to get you started on your path to a beautiful, new company logo. Choose Your Script You need […]

Best Practices For Re-Branding Your Company

If you are going through the effort and expense to rebrand your company, you want to ensure that it is time well-spent. How to know if your re-branding strategies are smart? Take a look at these tips and see how your plans compare. Your re-branding is multi-faceted. A new logo and marketing plan does not […]

Four Clever Merchandising Ideas For Your Company

There are several unique ways to market products which can increase the brand identity for your company. Finding the right format can product can be challenging but does not need to be overwhelming. Choosing to market on a coffee mug is a great way to connect with a diverse group of people. Virtually every individual […]

Happy Holidays: Six Gift Ideas for Clients This Christmas

Without customers, no business can flourish. However, every business needs to occasionally show appreciation for their customers or clients. When a customer knows that they are appreciated, they are more inclined to show that appreciation by recommending your business to others. One of the most opportune times to do this is during the Christmas season. […]

Decisions that an Event Merchandising Company can Help you Make

Choosing Items with a Clear Objective: Your merchandise partner, albeit a proficient one, should be able to help you choose your giveaways with a clear objective in mind. You can have something that's unusual yet thoughtful that builds customer loyalty. For instance, if you are a computer manufacturing company, giving away a cleaning cloth especially meant for computer systems, with a logo done up in your brand color, could be a good choice. You could opt for organic and eco-friendly tote bags that could not only prove very useful for the recipient but also positions your company as one that cares about the environment. This sort of effort successfully builds brand connect.

Professional Imprinting Services to Boost Your Business

Arriving at a Realistic Return on Investment Projection for your Merchandise: After all, it is all about how it reflects on your bottom line. Your event merchandise company should be able to guide you to a realistic giveaway and budget. Keep in mind that
planning a suitable gift like a logoed cell phone card holder, for instance, for a loyal
customer who stops by to enquire about your recent offerings could cost much less than placing a half page print ad in your local daily. Besides, one happy face could bring in many more.

Professional Imprinting Services to Boost Your Business

Arriving at a Realistic Return on Investment Projection for your Merchandise: he key to the success of any business is creating brand awareness and recall. How else do you make your company stand apart from the competition? A visual way to achieve this is to opt for professional imprinting services from a provider that specializes in customizing various types of products with your company's name, logo, tagline or anything else you might want to build your brand image.

Five Things to Include at Your Next Conference

Whether you are hosting a conference for your own business or planning to attend a trade show, giving away goody bags or other branded items is a great way to stand out while making a name for yourself. Distributing promotional goods allows you to create a professional reputation while spreading the name to others who […]

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