Decisions that an Event Merchandising Company can Help you Make

David Span
December 6, 2022

If you thought presence at trade shows was all about possible leads and not about sales, think again! Of course, no one would go home earning a million dollars from a trade show. However, you still have to get some products in your customers' hands and of course manage a handful of hot leads that can be followed up on later.

In today's times, a trade show is no less than a stage where you showcase your brand in the best light. How you perform here could indeed make or break your brand image. And merchandise has a significant contribution to make here. Promotional gifts, when planned and chosen well, can actually help in building audience content, create product awareness and boost sales. And provided you have engaged a proficient event merchandise company, here are some of the decisions it will help you make.

Important Decisions Concerning Branded Merchandise

  • Choosing Items with a Clear Objective: Your merchandise partner, albeit a proficient one, should be able to help you choose your giveaways with a clear objective in mind. You can have something that's unusual yet thoughtful that builds customer loyalty. For instance, if you are a computer manufacturing company, giving away a cleaning cloth especially meant for computer systems, with a logo done up in your brand color, could be a good choice. You could opt for organic and eco-friendly tote bags that could not only prove very useful for the recipient but also positions your company as one that cares about the environment. This sort of effort successfully builds brand connect.
  • Arriving at a Realistic Return on Investment Projection for your Merchandise: After all, it is all about how it reflects on your bottom line. Your event merchandise company should be able to guide you to a realistic giveaway and budget. Keep in mind that planning a suitable gift like a logoed cell phone card holder, for instance, for a loyal customer who stops by to enquire about your recent offerings could cost much less than placing a half page print ad in your local daily. Besides, one happy face could bring in many more.

Your merchandizing partner can create an interesting portfolio of branded merchandise that can help in creating that coveted "buzz" most marketers crave. Remember, a customer who walks up to your stall at a trade show values in-person interactions and connect. And offering him something special is a great way to seal the relationship.

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