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Global Procurement & Sourcing

At Active Imprints, the word "Global" is literal. It means that in terms of our industry and what we do, we can (and do) give you the world.

Most of our work is handled in-house (and in-nation), with our own design team and network of reliable, vetted suppliers. However, at times, we get a call for an international (or imported) order that is beyond the scope of our regular suppliers. To satisfy these needs, we have a network of international manufacturers, suppliers, and factories. These sources have been with us for years, and have earned our full trust. And that trust is passed on to you. Even if your project requires overseas shipments and/or an international supplier, rest assured that our high standards of service will be consistent, and there will be no communication issues or cultural disconnect.

In fact, our veteran status has allowed us to negotiate exclusive rates with vendors, which align perfectly with our import sourcing programs for large or custom-designed orders. This allows you the confidence to use us on any order you wish, be it a local need or a global one, and receive the same quality and competitive pricing you have come to expect.

We're ready to help you, regardless of where your customers are. Contact us here.

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