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Corporate & Company Apparel.

If you want high-quality corporate apparel that your employees will proudly look good in, Active Imprints is here to help.

Not only do we have the experience (30+ years) of being a reliable corporate partner, we also have the strict commitment to quality that your name deserves. This is reflected not only in our own inner workings and team-based approach, but also in our suppliers who represent decades of trust and customer satisfaction. When you order from Active Imprints, you are assured of a quality product and world-class customer service.

Let's talk about that quality product for a second. We've found that the better the quality, the better the attitude. Really, from dress wear to outerwear to comfy cotton tees, the right apparel will have your employees looking and feeling great, and this is reflected in their performance.

We have an increasingly vast selection of high-end corporate and company clothing, and we'll work with you to design exactly the look and dress code you desire. Some of the name brands we carry include:

We're always up on the latest trends and styles and ready to work with you to deliver the quality you are expecting. In fact, it's quality that we guarantee. Put us to the test – you won't be sorry.

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