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In the specialty imprinting business, not only is fast, convenient delivery important, but so is storage.

To this end, Active Imprints maintains an established network of secure warehouses and distribution points. This allows for a lot of flexibility. For example, if you need a large quantity of promotional items over the next several months, but have nowhere to store them, we can handle this for you. Or, if you have an upcoming event and would like the promotional items shipped and available before you arrive, we can handle that as well. This works well for mobile marketing tours and such.

But there's another advantage. Having your branded merchandise kept safe, secure, and ready to ship at your convenience allows you to take advantage of lower prices. If you know you are going to use x amount of items over the next year, buying them all now almost always results in a lower overall price, even if you factor in storage. Your specialty advertising / promotion dollar can go a lot further.

Active Imprints has secure, dry and clean warehouse facilities in both the U.S. and abroad, with full-service logistic capabilities including ocean and air freight, customs processing, and inland local delivery. We can even develop special packaging for your corporate gifts that will make a huge impression.

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