Six Things You’re Probably Getting Wrong With Your Advertising

David Span
December 6, 2022

When working in advertising, it can be easy to go way off course and make some bad decisions. Making a bad decision can make a huge impact on a company, executive or individual. Here are six things that some probably get wrong with their advertising.

1. Taking Out Creativity
Ideas are the foundation of advertising, and it is great to have creative ideas thrive in a healthy environment. However, individuals or supervisors can easily shoot down unique and crazy ideas. What people forget is that some of the best advertising that was ever done was a result of a creative idea that seemed a bit different to others. 

2. Products, But No Purpose
A great product is a great product. However, people need to know why they should use it. Parents may never purchase an expensive brand of picture frames until they realize that these frames are designed not to crack or break if a child accidently knocks it to the ground. Advertising can be way off when advertisers forget to tell people why they should purchase a particular product. When they forget, the product may not ever sell well. 

3. Ready, Go, Set
Some ideas and layouts look fantastic. They can be put on the fast track and may look like a huge win for the company. However, the advertising does not work because appropriate testing was not done. Consumers did not understand the advertisement, and nobody took the time to see whether people would understand the ad. 

4. The Dice Does Not Win
Advertising takes time and hard work. Letting chance or the hope of good luck take over all projects is a recipe for disaster. While good fortune and being at the right time and right place can factor into the success of advertising, the foundation is always laid with determination, tons of work, rewrites and the commitment to excellence. Anything else can send a company to mediocrity. 

5. Everybody Loves the Minnesota Timberwolves
This, of course, is a dangerous and untrue statement. However, many people in advertising make assumptions about consumers that are not true. Every consumer has different likes and dislikes. How unfortunate it is when an individual or team decides that all people will really love a specific advertisement that is targeting a key demographic. They can be very wrong when they make an assumption without any real proof. 

6. It is the Weekend
There is a temptation for an individual, supervisor or even a business to declare that there is not need to learn more about a certain form of advertising or about a particular demographic. Instead, there is an attitude to treat all such things like the view of a teenager coming home from school on a Friday. The teenager believes that the weekend is for fun, rest and recreation. Doing homework is something that was done in the past. Technology and the feelings of people change, but doing homework on these and other things can keep advertisers staying effective and influential. 

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