Corporate Gifts that Have a Great Impact

David Span
December 6, 2022

Corporate gifts to employees and clients are an important part of any professional relationship. From boosting your brand value and strengthening bonds to promoting overall sales, the right personalized gift has the power to make a lasting impression.

Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

Many corporate gifts find a place in some remote corner of the office or are stashed away in some drawer. Therefore, it is important to pick gifts that people would be happy to receive and would associate your brand with. Here are some things that you may consider in making a choice:

  • Would you want that: The first question to ask yourself at the time of picking a gift for your client or employee is would you be happy to receive such a gift? This helps one choose something that is useful, yet attractive.
  • Choose long term gifts: Choose something that your client would use daily or at least occasionally. While fruit baskets and assorted personalized chocolates are a good idea, they are better for promotional events, since they will be consumed even before the day draws to a close. Long term gifts like personalized clothing (t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, blazers and even mufflers) last for years.
  • Work with an expert: While you want the gift to have the logo of your company on it, your clients would not want to use the gift unless it is tastefully and professionally crafted. So, it's a great idea to contact an expert providing professional imprinting services who specializes in personalized gifts. The expert would be able to give you inputs on the artwork, so that your logo grabs attention while not being ostentatious.
  • Never compromise on quality: Remember that your clients or employees will associate your brand with the corporate gift you have chosen. If you select something that is of substandard quality, it could do more harm than good. For instance, if you decide on apparel, ensure that it is high-end corporate clothing, made of the finest material in a universally liked color. Also, ensure that your company logo is printed immaculately.
  • Determine the budget: You needn't have the same budget for each of your customers or employees. You can have a higher budget for customers with whom you have a long-term relationship or employees who have performed remarkably well or have been with your company for several years.

The role of corporate gifting cannot be underestimated since it can cement long lasting relationships with clients and employees.

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