Happy Holidays: Six Gift Ideas for Clients This Christmas

David Span
December 6, 2022

Without customers, no business can flourish. However, every business needs to occasionally show appreciation for their customers or clients. When a customer knows that they are appreciated, they are more inclined to show that appreciation by recommending your business to others. One of the most opportune times to do this is during the Christmas season. As such, here are six ways to show customer gratitude this holiday:

1. Send Out Gift Cards

Do not just send the gift card alone. Try placing it in a nicely wrapped miniature package and including a sincere personal message. People usually know if you are being sincere or not. Instead of a gift card, you may wish to send a certificate. Either way, make sure that your customers receive discounts off of a future purchases.

2. Give Out Product Samples

Most customers love to receive product samples every now and then. This Christmas, give customers the opportunity to try out new products before or after they are released. This will also give you an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from them. If you cannot afford to give out samples, simply offer a discount instead.

3. Create Promotional Products

Having unique promotional products created especially for your customers is an excellent way to show how much you appreciate their business. These items could be anything from key chains to coffee mugs to t-shirts or just about anything in between. Practical gifts are best, and you can send out hundreds of key chains at a reasonable price. Customers feel important whenever they use personalized items.

4. Deliver Party Invitations

Almost everyone loves going to a good Christmas party. It is a good opportunity to get reconnected and intermingle among clients. Allow them to drink champagne and dine on Christmas style goodies. When they feel more relaxed around you, they become better clients.

5. Send Gift Baskets

For less than $30, you can mail or hand deliver a gift basket to a few special recipients. Buy one that contains cookies, fruit or any other gift that will be duly appreciated. Most people don’t mind receiving food or other such goodies during the holiday season.

6. Offer a Raffle Ticket

Have you ever considered offering a raffle ticket to clients? Offering your customers the opportunity to win prizes such as cars, TVs or even cash is a fun way to encourage rapport among your customer base. While they may not all win prizes, they will certainly enjoy anticipating the contest. This option is the perfect way to raise money and encourage customer participation, and is very affordable.

Presenting corporate gifts to customers who have shown their devotion over the years is not only an excellent way to keep relations moving forward, but might also help to protect the operations of your business. There are endless gift ideas for Christmas and most every other holiday on the calendar, it is just a matter of choosing those which will best resonate with your customers.

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