Essential Elements for Effective Safety Incentive Programs

David Span
December 6, 2022

Do safety incentive programs work? The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives Foundation (SITE) has the answer. According to a study conducted by them, it was found that only about 8% of the workers (who took part in the survey) would be able to achieve their targets without such a program. Further, the study revealed that companies are able to achieve an increase of approximately 22% in worker efficiency with such a program.

It is not an easy task to implement and develop a successful incentive program. And, it needs a few elements to ensure optimal performance. That is why is it best to consider a professional company to help you design a safety incentive program that fits your needs, as well as ensures that rewards reach those who deserve them.

Incorporating Elements

Pooling in a variety of essential elements ensures that the program promotes safe behavior, hazard recognition and quality team work. Apart from that, it helps discourage fraudulent claims and preventable accidents.

  1. The program should be easy to administer. While the plan might be a good one, it should not fall short when executed. A user friendly program is essential for ease in supervision and administration.
  2. As the name suggests, a safely incentive program needs to have some provision for hazard communication. This will ensure that employees are vigilant and conscious about certain hazards. Apart from this, there needs to be an avenue to ensure that the employees can voice their opinions to improve the safety.
  3. Today, we hear a lot of news about some unscrupulous workers who would take advantage of the workers' compensation system. That is why it is essential to encourage employee accountability. Employees should not shun away from taking responsibility for their behavior.
  4. While most employees respond to tangible rewards, recognition is equally important from time to time. Acknowledgement of group as well as individual contribution is important.
  5. It is important that the safety incentive program follows a "daily" perspective. This ensures that the program stands the test of time and will not wear off after the initial days. This can be done by ensuring that the rewards and incentives increase for each day passed without an injury or accident.
  6. While the program needs to have certain rules, it must also be easy to understand. Complicated rules will not get the job done. It is a good idea to have the rules drafted and circulated among employees. This way, those with queries can come forward with their concerns.

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