Five Things to Include at Your Next Conference

David Span
August 8, 2022

Whether you are hosting a conference for your own business or planning to attend a trade show, giving away goody bags or other branded items is a great way to stand out while making a name for yourself. Distributing promotional goods allows you to create a professional reputation while spreading the name to others who may otherwise be unfamiliar with your brand and what it has to offer.

Custom Mugs & Tumblers

Using custom mugs and tumblers are great goody gifts to give to potential business partners or even customers and clients you want to appeal to professionally. Because cups are used daily, branding them is a surefire way to keep any brand in an individual's mind, regardless of what you are selling and have to offer.

Tote Bags

Creating your own branded tote bags or woven bags is also a great way to store additional goodies you want to give to passersby at conferences. Because many people use bags for groceries and simple shopping, branded tote bag goodies have the potential to go a long way even outside of conferences and trade show meetings.


Pens are a necessity in any business and they are also extremely affordable on any budget, regardless of whether you do not currently have capital or if you are running a startup. Ballpoint pens, pencils and even fancier pens can help your brand to stand out with the right logo and message imprinted on them. 


Giving away branded stationery is yet another way to keep your brand and image in the minds of customers throughout the day. Since notepads and stationery never go out of style in the workplace, ensuring you have branded stationery to give away is a best practice whether hosting a conference yourself or attending a trade show for potential leads, partnerships or new customers.

Cell Phone Cases

One of the latest developments in custom products and goodies to give away to potential customers or leads is cell phone cases. Producing generic cell phone cases for some of the most popular models today is a way to share your brand while giving away a unique piece of your company to potential customers. Because most mobile users today utilize a case for their phones, having an additional one on-hand that is a reminder of your brand and what it has to offer at all times is a great way to gain leads and generate even more interest in your brand.

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