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Objective: To boost and sustain owner excitement and commitment during the two-year construction phase of a beachfront resort condominium project.

Strategy & Execution: During the construction of the Aqua Condominium Resort, extreme hurricane activity in the area threatened to discourage owners who had signed pre-construction contracts. To keep enthusiasm high among potential owners, developers employed an ongoing promotional product campaign to build brand awareness and loyalty. A collection of premium gifts was selected and branded with the Aqua logo. Throughout the two years of construction, owners regularly received luxury beach towels, tote bags, cheese sets, chef’s aprons, bath robes and other items, all designed to paint a picture of what the relaxing, carefree lifestyle would be like, once the condominiums were complete. The campaign was supported by quarterly newsletters, personal letters from the developer and “road show” owner parties in various cities where pockets of owners lived…truly a multi-faceted, cohesive marketing campaign. The final touch was an acrylic Aqua logoed wine bucket and a bottle of wine welcoming owners to their new condominium.

Results: Upon completion of the property, every pre-construction contract converted to a closed unit. Furthermore, due to heightened brand awareness and buzz, the 212 units condominium tower can boast 100-percent closed status.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: Aqua Condominiums

Objective: To increase industrial safety awareness and to improve overall safety performance.

Strategy & Execution: With the creation of the “Road 2 Zero” campaign, Ciba Specialty Chemical challenged its plant managers to reach one-million man hours worked with zero hours lost time due to on-the-job injury. The “Road 2 Zero” brand was posted throughout the plant on kiosks and billboards and with special banners and flags. At a kick-off fish-fry, each employee received a “Road 2 Zero” baseball cap with a tire-tread bill. A safety task force comprised of the different department managers held a series of safety seminars with each task force member wearing a bright red, “Road 2 Zero” T-shirt. Employees attending the seminars were rewarded with a variety of promotional items that increased in value depending on the type of seminar and the number of seminars attended. Carabineer flashlights, soft-sided lunch coolers and multi-function tools led to high attendance numbers. In addition, safety task force leaders were awarded premium items such as laser-engraved fleece jackets based on the attendance of employees from their product line. When the plant announced, on the one-year anniversary of the program and the achievement of the “zero” goal, every employee received a 13-quart Rubbermaid Cooler presented at a celebratory steak dinner.

Results: Not only did the plant achieve its primary “zero lost hours” goal, Ciba has enjoyed residual decreased injuries due to heightened safety awareness. On-site accidents have dropped 59 percent since the launch of the program.

What: Full branded merchandise set

Who: Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Scope: GWS Contractors, an Environmental, Disaster Recovery and Structural Support Company, approached Active Imprints, only days before a networking event, to help them build company awareness. They wanted to be recognized without being over the top.

Challenge: The networking event was held at a beach front dinning facility and would be attended by many perspective customers, as well as their competition. While GWS needed to appear professional and be respectful of their competition present, they also wanted to “get noticed” and be recognized as a leader in their field.

Solution: Active Imprints provided professional looking shirts for both the male and female staff of GWS that were a bright ocean blue. We also learned that bottled Drinks were being offered so we provided them with flip flopped shaped bottle opener key chains and sunglasses with custom printed lenses. As the event congregated and the attendees ventured out onto the beach they were provided sunglasses and the opener, which helped to engage conversation and provide GWS the exposure they were looking to achieve.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: GWS Contractors, Inc.

Objective: To launch a memorable continuity program that would introduce the company’s management team and help kick off the 25th anniversary year.

Strategy & Execution: Essex Insurance Company enjoys a unique relationship with its agents in the field, one built on mutual respect and on the ability to keep things lively and fun. That culture made this delightfully creative campaign possible. Throughout 2005, agents received bobblehead characters depicting the Essex management team. The campaign continued with a contest that asked the question, “Where in the world have your bobbleheads been lately?” Agents submitted photographs of the bobbleheads posed in various locations and situations. The contest culminated in a full-color, custom calendar for 2006 showcasing the twelve best photographs. Finally, in December of 2006, agents received a custom deck of playing cards featuring the thirteen management team bobblehead characters.

Results: The campaign has generated considerable familiarity and unity between the management team and the agent base. Virtually every agent now recognizes members of the management team on sight, creating invaluable corporate camaraderie.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: Essex Insurance Company

Scope: Chiari Malformation, a serious neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine thus causing many uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms. To build awareness for the disease and raise money for research, the Conquer Chiari Foundation organizes an annual “Walk Across America” every September.

Challenge: Due to their ongoing successful efforts to build awareness for the disease, the annual “Walk Across America” has grown from just a handful of host towns, to a Nationwide network of over 70 event locations. Each location has local volunteers that act as the “boots on the ground” to promote and staff the event each year. In addition, they are responsible for obtaining sponsorships and registering participants for the walk. Each registered participant is provided a Walk T-shirt commemorating the event while at the same time promoting the local sponsors who signed up. The program director wanted to minimize the work required from the local organizers, while at the same time save money in their T-shirt spend, thus increasing the funds they raise for their cause, by consolidating what would normally be 70+ individual T-shirt orders into one nationwide fulfillment order.

Solution: The design team at Active Imprints worked closely with the Program Manager to organize and layout hundreds of sponsor logos for the various event locations, while maintain the same overall look for each location. Once all of the T-shirt designs were approved, our sales team organized the registration data, tallied the sizes needed, and our production team went to work printing the shirts for each location. Since the event was happening on the same day, at over seventy separate locations from coast to coast, our fulfillment team had to make sure each location had their shirts in time, with their specific sponsors as well as the exact sizes needed for the pre-registered walkers at their location. Active Imprints, helped with the designs, organized the data, printed the order, and delivered the shirts to over 70 locations in time for their event.

What: Shirts
Who: Conquer Chiari – Walk Across America

Scope: Wilson College, one of the Residential Colleges at Princeton University was looking for a unique gift. This gift was going to be presented to all incoming freshman and sophomore students who are residing at their college. The item needed to be cool, collegiate, and one that builds spirit for both the college and university as a whole. During their first two years at Princeton University, the students are assigned to a residential college. There are several of these residential colleges at Princeton and each has their own identity. Therefore the item also needed to reflect the personality of their residential college…Wilson College.

Challenge: After polling the students, their first choice was a custom long sleeve Rugby shirt, in the colors of Wilson College, blue and orange. They wanted a graphic that would primarily identify them with Wilson College, but also have a tie to Princeton University. So it was decided that their college shield along with the names of the college and university be incorporated into the design. While this seems simple enough, the color combination that they needed was not a common mix of colors and therefore was not a stock item. In addition, the college had a budget to work within, and finding an item that the students want, that is also within budget was a challenge.

Solution: Active Imprints reached out to one of our supplier partners who has the capability to make any custom garment. Using rugby shirts, that were available with stock colors, we created a set of patterns for the various sizes that they would need. We sourced the fabric so that we were able to get the students the shirt in the colors of their college, blue and orange. To bring this “custom” shirt in under budget, Active Imprints utilized one of our off shore factories to both assemble and embroider the shirts. When the students arrived in September, they were greeted with the shirts they wanted, and the project was delivered under budget for the University.

What: Shirts
Who: Wilson College, Princeton University – Fall Gift Student Giveaway

Objective: To generate interest in the American Marketing Association and to increase membership by reflecting a high degree of industry expertise and credibility

Strategy & Execution: Using a marketing program to connect with savvy, senior-level marketing professionals is a daunting task. This is an audience not easily won over by average campaigns or unoriginal ideas. Still, the AMA rose to the challenge, opting to keep it traditional by designing a pen, but adding a modern twist to this classic promotional item. Presented at the 2006 “M.planet” industry conference, the handsome, vivid orange pen doubled as a USB flash drive. The drive came pre-loaded with all conference materials: PowerPoint presentations, articles, speaker support, literature and seminar materials. The large capacity of the drives still allowed for plenty of personal storage space. One end of the pen could also be used as a stylus for PDAs, making this “old school” item a thoroughly modern device for the electronic age. Of course, presentation is everything, and the AMA made sure the pen was delivered in a dramatic, black and silver alloy case…totally cool and stylish.

Results: The pens were an immediate hit, but when conference attendees realized they’d be taking home all of the conference materials and presentations on the pen’s flash drive, the buzz surrounding the pens spread even more quickly. AMA continues to get calls from marketing professionals asking about the pen.

What: Pens

Who: American Marketing Association


Scope: This family fun festival features live music, activities and unlimited Chowder tasting with the opportunity for each ticket holder to vote for their favorite red and white chowder. The event is nestled in Beach Haven NJ, surrounded by beautiful views of the bay and plenty of year end discounted shopping. It has become a tradition for family and friends to gather together to say good bye to summer and welcome in the fall. This event draws almost 20,000 visitors each year!

Challenge: Each year, the organizers of the event pick a theme for the festival. It is from this theme, that the event’s marketing materials are developed from. To commemorate the event for the attendees, the organizers wanted a merchandise campaign that attendees could purchase items from. The sale of these items would also help support the local Chamber of Commerce, who was the main sponsor of the event. The merchandise needed to reflect the theme of the event while also appealing to the diverse group of attendees.

Solution: Active Imprints created a selection of merchandise that utilized the current year’s theme. Working with the event committee we uncovered that 2013 was the 25th Anniversary of the Chowderfest. In addition, in just a couple of months NJ would be hosting the Super Bowl for the NFL at nearby Met life Stadium. So it was decided that the theme for 2013 be “Souperbowl” as this was the BIG EVENT for soup (Chowder)! Designs and merchandise were created to reflect this theme. “Official Taster” shirts were sold to attendees as well as other commemoratives including custom pins, embroidered denim shirts, zipper hooded sweatshirts, baseball hats, knit caps, long sleeve and ladies cut T-shirts. The designs on these items all incorporated both traditional and theme specific elements, which make them collectable. The colors of the items were carefully chosen to appeal to men and woman and Chowder heads of all ages! In addition, Active Imprints delivered a special “Volunteer” shirt was created to acknowledge and reward the 300+ volunteers of this event, without whom it’s success would not be possible.

What: Full branded merchandise set

Who: Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce – Chowderfest Merchandise Campaign


Scope: SES, a world-leading satellite operator that provides reliable and secure satellite communication solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers worldwide, turned to Active Imprints for a way to recognize and reward crucial employees that are instrumental during new satellite launches. SES owns and operates a fleet of 54 geostationary satellites that are supported by a network of teleports and offices located around the globe.

Challenge: Having done patches, shirts and the routine imprintable items in the past, these would just not suffice to recognize these important team members. SES wanted something new and fun for such monuments occasions. Active Imprints had to really look outside the box to provide the appropriate solution that stays within budget, and provides useful and rewarding items.

Solution:The team at Active Imprints researched the launch sites and discovered unique traits about each of the actual launch locations. In addition we reviewed the territory each individual satellite would service. Based upon these findings, we developed “survival kits” that included necessary items, targeted to the launch location. Whether the launch was located in a hot and balmy location in South America, or in a frigid and remote area like North Kazakhstan, where simple necessities like electric and basic lighting are scarce, we had each visiting attendee covered with a survival kit of branded merchandise.

What: Full branded merchandise set

Who: SES


Objective:To assist Nintendo of America with the post-launch marketing and branding of the new Wii game system.

Strategy & Execution: The most unique aspect of the new Wii game system is the hand-held remote that allows players to interact wirelessly with the game screen. Capitalizing on this point of differentiation among its competitors, Nintendo designed a keychain flashlight replica of the remote. Even better, the lighted element of the keychain was a blue light, similar to the blue LED light on the real remote. The keychain was promoted on Nintendo websites as a free gift for new subscribers of Nintendo Power Magazine. The “gotta have it” appeal of the keychain quickly made it a hot topic on Nintendo blogs and on gaming bulletin boards. The keychain may even earn a “bonus life” as there has been significant interest from retail stores to offer the item for re-sale.

Results:Immediately following the promotion, there was a distinct and significant spike in subscriptions to Nintendo Power Magazine. To date, over 130,000 Wii Lighted Remote Keychains have shipped with even more purchase orders submitted.

What: Keychain

Who: Nintendo of America


Objective: To create a long term “coupon” that a customer would keep and re-use often, due to its convenience and ease of use

Strategy & Execution: Every fast-food chain distributes paper coupons in the mail or as Sunday paper inserts. But how many of those coupons are actually in the car when the consumer is ready to make a purchase? The Arby’s Discount Key Card offers a permanent discount to anyone holding the card, and, as a key tag, it’s always with the diner. Better still, every time the diner takes their keys out of their pocket, they’re always, “Thinking Arby’s.” This is a no limit, non-expiring coupon that has actually increased the average ticket by twenty cents. Initially targeting college students in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area, the card became an enormous success and is being strongly considered for roll-out as a nationwide item. Arby’s is the first in its industry to offer a loyalty key tag program; apparently, “Thinking Arby’s” means “thinking smart!”

Results: One store in the target area reported a 25% sales increase due to use of the card. Another store reports that 25% of its guests are card users. With this brilliant, but simple idea, Arby’s has broken through the “coupon clutter.”

What: Coupon Card

Who: Arby's


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