Conquer Chiari – Walk Across America

Scope: Chiari Malformation, a serious neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine thus causing many uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms. To build awareness for the disease and raise money for research, the Conquer Chiari Foundation organizes an annual “Walk Across America” every September.

Challenge: Due to their ongoing successful efforts to build awareness for the disease, the annual “Walk Across America” has grown from just a handful of host towns, to a Nationwide network of over 70 event locations. Each location has local volunteers that act as the “boots on the ground” to promote and staff the event each year. In addition, they are responsible for obtaining sponsorships and registering participants for the walk. Each registered participant is provided a Walk T-shirt commemorating the event while at the same time promoting the local sponsors who signed up. The program director wanted to minimize the work required from the local organizers, while at the same time save money in their T-shirt spend, thus increasing the funds they raise for their cause, by consolidating what would normally be 70+ individual T-shirt orders into one nationwide fulfillment order.

Solution: The design team at Active Imprints worked closely with the Program Manager to organize and layout hundreds of sponsor logos for the various event locations, while maintain the same overall look for each location. Once all of the T-shirt designs were approved, our sales team organized the registration data, tallied the sizes needed, and our production team went to work printing the shirts for each location. Since the event was happening on the same day, at over seventy separate locations from coast to coast, our fulfillment team had to make sure each location had their shirts in time, with their specific sponsors as well as the exact sizes needed for the pre-registered walkers at their location. Active Imprints, helped with the designs, organized the data, printed the order, and delivered the shirts to over 70 locations in time for their event.

What: Shirts
Who: Conquer Chiari – Walk Across America

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