Essex Insurance Company

Objective: To launch a memorable continuity program that would introduce the company’s management team and help kick off the 25th anniversary year.

Strategy & Execution: Essex Insurance Company enjoys a unique relationship with its agents in the field, one built on mutual respect and on the ability to keep things lively and fun. That culture made this delightfully creative campaign possible. Throughout 2005, agents received bobblehead characters depicting the Essex management team. The campaign continued with a contest that asked the question, “Where in the world have your bobbleheads been lately?” Agents submitted photographs of the bobbleheads posed in various locations and situations. The contest culminated in a full-color, custom calendar for 2006 showcasing the twelve best photographs. Finally, in December of 2006, agents received a custom deck of playing cards featuring the thirteen management team bobblehead characters.

Results: The campaign has generated considerable familiarity and unity between the management team and the agent base. Virtually every agent now recognizes members of the management team on sight, creating invaluable corporate camaraderie.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: Essex Insurance Company

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