GWS Contractors, Inc.

Scope: GWS Contractors, an Environmental, Disaster Recovery and Structural Support Company, approached Active Imprints, only days before a networking event, to help them build company awareness. They wanted to be recognized without being over the top.

Challenge: The networking event was held at a beach front dinning facility and would be attended by many perspective customers, as well as their competition. While GWS needed to appear professional and be respectful of their competition present, they also wanted to “get noticed” and be recognized as a leader in their field.

Solution: Active Imprints provided professional looking shirts for both the male and female staff of GWS that were a bright ocean blue. We also learned that bottled Drinks were being offered so we provided them with flip flopped shaped bottle opener key chains and sunglasses with custom printed lenses. As the event congregated and the attendees ventured out onto the beach they were provided sunglasses and the opener, which helped to engage conversation and provide GWS the exposure they were looking to achieve.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: GWS Contractors, Inc.

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