Scope: SES, a world-leading satellite operator that provides reliable and secure satellite communication solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers worldwide, turned to Active Imprints for a way to recognize and reward crucial employees that are instrumental during new satellite launches. SES owns and operates a fleet of 54 geostationary satellites that are supported by a network of teleports and offices located around the globe.

Challenge: Having done patches, shirts and the routine imprintable items in the past, these would just not suffice to recognize these important team members. SES wanted something new and fun for such monuments occasions. Active Imprints had to really look outside the box to provide the appropriate solution that stays within budget, and provides useful and rewarding items.

Solution: The team at Active Imprints researched the launch sites and discovered unique traits about each of the actual launch locations. In addition we reviewed the territory each individual satellite would service. Based upon these findings, we developed “survival kits” that included necessary items, targeted to the launch location. Whether the launch was located in a hot and balmy location in South America, or in a frigid and remote area like North Kazakhstan, where simple necessities like electric and basic lighting are scarce, we had each visiting attendee covered with a survival kit of branded merchandise.

What: Full branded merchandise set
Who: SES

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