Wilson College, Princeton University – Fall Gift Student Giveaway

Scope: Wilson College, one of the Residential Colleges at Princeton University was looking for a unique gift. This gift was going to be presented to all incoming freshman and sophomore students who are residing at their college. The item needed to be cool, collegiate, and one that builds spirit for both the college and university as a whole. During their first two years at Princeton University, the students are assigned to a residential college. There are several of these residential colleges at Princeton and each has their own identity. Therefore the item also needed to reflect the personality of their residential college…Wilson College.

Challenge: After polling the students, their first choice was a custom long sleeve Rugby shirt, in the colors of Wilson College, blue and orange. They wanted a graphic that would primarily identify them with Wilson College, but also have a tie to Princeton University. So it was decided that their college shield along with the names of the college and university be incorporated into the design. While this seems simple enough, the color combination that they needed was not a common mix of colors and therefore was not a stock item. In addition, the college had a budget to work within, and finding an item that the students want, that is also within budget was a challenge.

Solution: Active Imprints reached out to one of our supplier partners who has the capability to make any custom garment. Using rugby shirts, that were available with stock colors, we created a set of patterns for the various sizes that they would need. We sourced the fabric so that we were able to get the students the shirt in the colors of their college, blue and orange. To bring this “custom” shirt in under budget, Active Imprints utilized one of our off shore factories to both assemble and embroider the shirts. When the students arrived in September, they were greeted with the shirts they wanted, and the project was delivered under budget for the University.

What: Shirts
Who: Wilson College, Princeton University – Fall Gift Student Giveaway
Where: http://www.princeton.edu/wilsoncollege/

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